Monday, June 15, 2009

De Villa Spa by SamT

After a good 5 days work and the cumulated exhaustion, I decided to give myself a good treat. Making an appointment with De Villa Spa in Heritage Club along Scotland Road, Penang was not as tedious as some other spas or massage parlors. The staffs are friendly and the lady masseurs from Indonesia, equiped with good skill sets, are ready to help you to unwind, rest and relax.

De Villa Spa is ‘the’ place for working people like you and me. Apart from body massage, they have foot reflexology and detoxification session as well. Usually, I prefer either the aromatherapy or the Thai herbal press, which I truly believe in its effectiveness to sooth my tired body, mind and soul.

Even though it is being located inside Heritage Club, where its customer bases are mainly from the club house itself and Clark Hatch gymnasium, it is also opened to public. Frankly speaking, its exclusiveness has its advantage; it avoids the intruding of complicated and complex crowds.

Once you enter the main lobby of Heritage Club, on the right side, there is a stair case leading you to the haven of relaxation, which a light aroma of the essential oil, activates your sense of smell, making yourself ready for a deep good rest. Upon entering the spa centre, you will be greeted by a small fountain, dim light, the lullaby smell of the essential oil and of course, the courteous welcome and greetings from the staffs at the front desk.

The interior is cozy; on the left of the front desk is where the ladies’ corner is while the right is for the gentlemen. All rooms are of individual basis, with wooden frame and curtains that serve as dividers. If you are with few friends, you can request to have the curtain drawn; but my advise is, maintain the privacy and at the same time to create serenity during this moment (as the masseurs will tend to converse among each other if the curtains are drawn up) The massage platform is not of ordinary bed but are specialized platform which enable easy breathing, relaxing of neck and head during back message.

Just directly opposite the front desk, there are the places for reflexology. There are few nice and comfy reflexology chair, neatly arranged to create the desired environment in case of too many customers. This will also ensure certain level of privacy during the therapy.

Just choose the type of therapy and essential oil you wish to apply (you can also ask the front desk for some advice if you are not too sure); determine the hours you need; usually I will opt for a 2 hours session for body massage or 1.5 hours session for reflexology, and off you go, into the world of peacefulness and relaxation. You will feel so rejuvenate as if you are just reborn.

Prices are very reasonable and affordable with such a serene ambiance, range from RM80 to RM120 depending on the therapy you choose for body. For foot reflexology, they are definitely much cheaper as compare to the body massage. There are also package deals available; so, check it out with De villa Spa and you will never regret it.

My Scores:
Environment: ☺☺☺☺☺
Service: ☺☺☺☺
Price: ☺☺☺☺
Parking: ☺☺☺☺ (parking spaces available right in front of the Heritage Club)
Address: 2, Scotland Road, 10450 Penang Malaysia
Tel No: +604 2298308


  1. hi tsam

    wow.. nice to relax! i will try it one day for sutre !thanks fo rthe tips


  2. Its really a "must-visit" place after whole day work...even if its holidays...but remember book in advance!!

  3. Hi Thanks for sharing the information.